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BREAKING: Video of Hunter Biden NAKED & TRAFFICKING CRACK Cocaine Just Released

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Hunter Biden is the gift that keeps giving.

Unfortunately, NOTHING is being done about it.

Merrick Garland at the DOJ won’t touch this.

It’s seriously unbelievable that this crackhead with massive ties to the CHICOMS is skating free as a bird. 

He’s a criminal plain and simple.

But again, don’t expect any action to be taken- he is protected and can’t be touched-YET.

Over the weekend many items related to Hunter Biden were shared, but many of them came from 4Chan, which can be a conspiracy site. I don’t use that information until there is confirmation. But, one item that can be confirmed by The Gateway Pundit is a video showing Hunter Biden with over 20 grams of crack on a scale. He was naked at the time and it is believed that a revealing picture of a young female relative has been edited out.

Check this out!

Video courtesy of Sky News Australia

A lot of what is now coming out was known to the Gateway Pundit, who had access to information from Hunter’s laptop as far back as the fall of 2020. If this had been one of Trump’s sons, they would be in prison serving a three-year sentence. What are the FBI and DOJ waiting for? That was a rhetorical question we already know the answer to. Both Chris Wray of the FBI and Merrick Garland of the DOJ is corrupt and cover up for the Biden family.

Hunter had a pornhub account where he stored pictures of a family member among other items. This was published before the 2020 election, but the establishment media refused to report on it, calling it Russian disinformation. They even found 51 corrupt former intelligence officers to sign off on the Russian disinformation lies.

From The Gateway Pundit

TGP doesn’t have access to the cloud or a Hunter Biden cloud account because at this time we believe there likely is nothing on the cloud. We base this on the fact that the pornhub account reported above was edited after our reporting – it was cleaned up. The original account had his family member’s picture.

We reported previously also that there was only a limited amount of space on Hunter’s laptop and there was no more room for additional files on the laptop that others were sharing.

This weekend there was additional information shared on social media claiming to be pictures from the laptop. There appears to be a disinformation campaign to destroy the laptop. We reported on this effort previously as well.

What is on the laptop is ample evidence of Hunter Biden trafficking women and drugs. It appears the FBI and Secret Service have been covering this up.

Clearly, Director Wray knew that Hunter was trafficking drugs and sex (even internationally). There is ample evidence on the laptop of Hunter exploiting women. There are massive amounts of information showing the Bidens involved in impropriety and corruption.

You won’t see any of this being reported in the mainstream media.

Hopefully eventually all of these corrupt scumbags will be held accountable but I won’t hold my breath.


God Bless.

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