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Watch: Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham Trolls Joe Biden in Hilarious Comedy Skit

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Watch: Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham Mocks Joe Biden in Comedy Skit

Not long after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, both the Washington Post and USA Today referred to him as “too competent to satirize.” After four years of “Orange man bad,” comedians were going to have to find someone else to make fun of other than the sitting president.

Yeah … that aged well.

A couple years down the line, ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham has proven just how easy it is. Dunham released a video poking fun at President Joe Biden. The video titled ”Fireside Shats” in reference to the fireside chats hosted by former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has one of Dunham’s puppets, Walter, answer questions posted by viewers.

“As a “man of the people” my good friend Walter… I mean… “President Biden”, asked YOU, the fans, to submit questions regarding issues affecting your daily lives,” reads the description of the video. “So in the fashion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he’s decided to sit down next to his fireplace and give you answers. And yes, these are your ACTUAL questions; and now his responses… Yikes… Someone else needs to take the wheel…”


The parody is welcome after Biden’s many controversies and gaffes have been largely ignored by the media and comedy community. Almost all late night comedy shows, such as “Saturday Night Live” that kicked off its 47th season last year with a 35% drop in ratings, have avoided jokes at Biden’s expense lest they upset the mob. 

The video’s release coincides with Dunham’s new website, firesideshats.com, which may indicate that he intends to make a series of the videos.

“Thank you for making us laugh when most other comedians are too scared to,” the top comment reads on the YouTube video with 1.2 thousand likes. 

“I love Jeff’s comedy so much. He goes so far to make as many people as he can to laugh. Society today is so brittle when it comes to telling jokes but Jeff stays on the fine line of it,” reads another comment.

Dunham has never strayed from making jokes at the expense of the president, who also made jokes at the expense of former President Donald Trump during his time in office.

The video, which was released on June 21, has amassed over 830,000 views.