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Michelle Obama Suffers Embarrassing Defeat – After Ratings Tank, Her ‘First Lady’ Series on Showtime Gets Cancelled

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What’s Happening:

When the Obamas left office in 2017, they landed deals with numerous entertainment companies. It seems Hollywood was eager to exploit their fading fame for as much as they could before it was all gone.

Recently, Showtime launched a new series focusing on the First Ladies, most notably Michelle Obama. The show starred celebrated actress Viola Davis.

But it was so bad, that after only one season, the network was forced to can it.

From Breitbart:

There will be no second term for Showtime’s The First Lady, which starred Viola Davis as Michelle Obama. The dramatic anthology series has been canceled after just one season following ridicule from viewers and widespread negative reviews…

The show was the target of widespread negative reviews, with the New Yorker magazine calling it a “bad-wig costume drama” and Time magazine concluding that Davis and Anderson were “egregiously miscast.”

We’ll assume you haven’t seen any of “The First Lady.” Don’t bother.

We watched only a few seconds of the thing and were shocked at how terrible it was. And it’s not just because the writer of this article is a devoted conservative.

The production value was beneath a Saturday Night Live sketch. And Viola Davis’s acting was so bad, we are wondering if she lost a bet.

(Or if she hates the former first lady.)

Clearly, Showtime did not pull out all the stops for this “dramatic anthology.” In fact, we’ve seen iPhone movies that looked better.

Here’s a few seconds if you can endure it:

You might expect, despite all this, the liberal media to have gushed over it. It featured Michelle Obama, after all.

Who on the left would dare criticize something with the Obama’s name on it? But it seems that even critics couldn’t stomach this train wreck.

More than that, the show did not connect with viewers. Even with bad reviews, a show still has legs if viewers love it.

But nobody seemed interesting in watching a bad show about Michelle Obama and other first ladies.

I’m sure the showrunner will chalk it up to America being sexist or something. But we all know the truth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Showtime is canceling its series featuring the life of Michelle Obama.
  • The show, starring Viola Davis, was panned by critics and mocked by viewers.
  • The show was a “dramatic anthology” that would cover the lives of numerous first ladies.

Source: Breitbart