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Queen AOC Buried with 5 Years’ Worth of Tax Fines – New York Files Warrant for Her Failure to Pay Corporate Taxes

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What’s Happening:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made a reputation for being a “Democratic socialist.” That means, she wants to increase taxes on the rich and “redistribute” that wealth to the lower classes.

That is why folks back home keep voting for her. But does she follow her own demands? She has been known to party at gala events, alongside the rich and famous.

And now, it has come out that she refuses to pay a state tax—from over five years ago.

From Washington Examiner:

New York state filed a tax warrant against Brook Avenue Press, a children-focused publishing house Ocasio-Cortez founded in 2012, on July 6, 2017, to collect $1,618 in unpaid corporate taxes. Ocasio-Cortez has yet to pay a penny of her overdue corporate taxes, causing the current balance of the tax warrant to swell by 52% to $2,461 as of Wednesday afternoon…

Ocasio-Cortez initially pledged to repay her delinquent corporate tax bill, but her office later said the warrant was issued “in error” and that she was contesting the matter.

To be clear, we do not support anyone having to pay egregious taxes to the government. We simply find it odd that a woman who demands other Americans pay their “fair share” in taxes is bucking this bill.

Even if it is “in error,” why not pay it? Won’t the money go to help minorities and the poor?

Or does AOC know, like the rest of us, that taxes rarely go to helping the poor? Instead, the money is squandered by a wasteful and corrupt bureaucracy that exists to take care of itself.

It seems pretty hypocritical for AOC to push higher taxes and more government spending while ignoring this tax bill (especially since she can easily pay it off if she wants).

I guess AOC has to answer that question to the many New Yorkers that are waiting for her promised welfare and support?

Key Takeaways:

  • AOC has an unpaid NY state tax that has grown to over $2,000.
  • The tax was from her now-dissolved publishing company.
  • AOC refuses to pay the tax, saying it is “in error.”

Source: Washington Examiner