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BREAKING: Supreme Court Says ‘NO,’ He’s Been DENIED

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Racism is alive and kicking thanks to the filth the radical leftists continue to push. 

Democrat politicians push the race card for a few reasons, to divide the nation, to line their pockets with money and it’s the only thing they can do, to name a few.

Democrats are targeting WHITE PEOPLE while pretending to care about everyone who isn’t white for votes.

They are extremely anti-Semitic as well.

The sheeple who vote Democrat are misinformed on so many levels.

Take Planned Parenthood for example.

They were formed by a bigot with the mission of aborting BLACK babies.

Democrats also fought to retain the ‘right’ to own slaves.

The Republicans ended slavery- NOT THE DEMOCRATS!

Look, there is no place for racism in our society.

And I mean across the board.

Okay so let’s get to the meat of this report.

Mass Murderer Dylann Roof

From Anthony Smith at NEWS HOUR FIRST 

Even though he had committed a horrific crime, there were still liberals hoping the Supreme Court would hear the appeal of Dylann Roof.

The court, however, denied the case.

Hopefully, this means that Roof will meet his maker sooner rather than later.

That Would Be a No

Roof, if you recall, was the maniac that entered a church in South Carolina and killed nine people.

Authorities have said Roof opened fire during the closing prayer of a Bible study at the church, shooting into the crowd of those assembled.

He was 21 at the time of the massacre.

The mass shooting was immediately charged as a hate crime.

A federal appeals court last year upheld Roof’s conviction and death sentence for the racially-motivated slaying of nine members of a Black South Carolina congregation, saying the legal record cannot even capture the “full horror” of what he did.

Roof refused to allow his attorneys to present his mental health during the case, even firing them toward the end of the trial.

Now, however, with the needle staring him down, his new legal team was appealing to have the mental health arguments introduced in the hopes of reversing the death sentence.

The court’s refusal means Roof returns to death row in Indiana.

The only question is if Biden has the guts to put him in the chamber.

Roof is the first defendant to be sentenced to death for a federally charged hate crime.

Roof, 28, is currently being held under maximum security in a Terre Haute, Indiana prison. He is on federal death row and awaiting execution.

Source: Fox News


God Bless.

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