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Pelosi Makes Eye-Raising Election Claim – Either Nancy Has the Inside Track, Or She Is Completely Deluded

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Nancy Pelosi does a pretty good job, of neglecting her job. Since becoming Speaker in 2019, she has refused to bring the House together for the good of Americans. She has wasted those precious few years bowing to the radical left, defying one president while enabling another.

And now, she is facing the end of her career as Speaker, perhaps the end of her career in the House. Democrats are poised to lose their majority after November, perhaps by a large margin. This is mostly Pelosi’s fault, who appeared to sabotage moderates and take America down with her.

But, as usual, the arrogant Californian refused to face reality. In fact, he seems more delusional than ever before.

From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists that polls showing a grim midterm elections outlook for her party are mistaken and that Democrats are “in great shape” for Election Day…

The polls show that the top issues for Americans are the economy and inflation, and they trust Republicans to handle those issues better than Democrats.

“… Inflation is thereby, but it’s global and not as bad as it is in some countries. We’ll have to message it better in the next three weeks ahead. I think we’re in great shape. Other people don’t want to believe that.”

Trust me when I say, if the polls showed Democrats doing great, Pelosi would be parading them around.

But when the polls show Democrats losing, especially because of major issues, Pelosi is suddenly convinced they are wrong.

Even polls from liberal-leaning outlets she previously trusted.

Just listen to her rhetoric. She admits there is inflation, but pushes the same tired excuse Biden and his administration have used.

That inflation is a “global” problem. That it’s worse in other countries. That Republicans don’t have a solution.

Not winning comments, Nance. Republicans promise better economic decisions that will combat inflation and help restore the economy (like actually drilling our own oil).

Meanwhile, Democrats have burned through trillions of dollars to “fix” an inflation problem they say can’t be fixed.

Maybe Pelosi wants to lose? Maybe, seeing that her party is about to go down, she refuses to do anything to help.

Maybe she knows these are her final months as House Speaker and she’s done trying to make a splash.

Perhaps the rumors are true, that she’s about to take an ambassador job from Biden. Skip out of town.

She couldn’t be doing a worse job, regardless.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi tried to ignore polls that show Democrats losing big in November.
  • She dismissed inflation, even though Biden spent billions to “fix” it.
  • Rumors abound that Pelosi might take a job from Biden and leave Congress.

Source: Fox News