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After Fox News Deserter Joins Liberal Media – Shep Smith Finds Out After Only 2 Years He Has Been Canceled

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What’s Happening:

Just a short time ago, 20-year veteran of Fox News Christ Wallace dumped the network for CNN. The not-so-secret Democrat jumped ship to join the liberal network’s streaming service. Which was shut down in just a few months. He got a show on CNN’s network, that has been tanking.

But he wasn’t the only host that got famous on Fox News, to turn around and join the liberal media elite. Shepard Smith hosted a popular breaking news show for Fox News for many years. Only to turn around and join CNBC. Again, this host is learning the hard way how fickle the MSM really is.

From The Post Millennial:

Shepard Smith’s CNBC show has been canceled after two years on the network.

CNBC confirmed that “The News with Shepard Smith” would be axed in a memo released on Thursday, citing its effort to refocus on business news. Smith will leave CNBC later this month…

Smith joined the network in 2020 after leaving Fox News. CNBC, traditionally a business and market-heavy news network, hired Smith in hopes of having a hit centrist news show.

Right, that was a brilliant idea. Unlike CNN, which kept the losing Wallace, CNBC is dumping both Shep’s show and the man himself. His show is being canceled after only two years (a blink, for news shows) and is being cut loose from the network.

Shepard Smith joins other Fox News deserters like Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace, who thought they would have more success and fame with liberal-leaning outlets. But, like those other two, Shep was dumped the minute he failed to generate viewers on these crumbling networks.

Perhaps CNBC offered Smith more money and a better timeslot. But he should have known better. Fox News (while not nearly as conservative as some people claim) is the top news network by a large measure.

The other networks, all largely liberal-biased, continue to struggle in the post-Trump era. Their ratings are dismal and their executives are scrambling to stay afloat. CNN is going through massive changes to save itself–but it isn’t going far enough to become politically balanced.

Smith was supposed to provide news coverage that was “non-partisan.” Except, Smith was another closet liberal who was just looking for a chance to ditch Fox News.

The irony is, CNBC will be looking for places to put the 20 staffers who worked for Smith’s show. They get to keep their jobs, just on other shows. But Smith is being dumped after he dumped Fox News.

Key Takeaways:
CNBC is ending Shepard Smith’s show after only two years; Smith is being fired.
Smith dumped Fox News to join the liberal outlet, claiming his new show was “non-partisan.”
He joined several Fox News hosts that quit the network for another, only to be dumped.
Source: The Post Millennial