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Trump Judge Strikes Major Blow Against New York – He Shuts Down Unconstitutional Law Subverting Supreme Court 2A Ruling

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We’ve been following the virtual war between the Supreme Court and Democrat-controlled New York. The highest court in the land struck down a bogus gun control law that prevented residents from acquiring a concealed carry permit.

The state followed up with an even stricter law–all but banning carry anywhere in the state. That included places of worship, making them targets for would-be shooters. But now, a Trump-appointed judge just shut down the left’s plans.

From Daily Caller:

A Trump-appointed judge issued a blow Thursday night to a New York State gun law that barred guns in places of worship…

U.S. District Judge John Sinatra Jr., issued an injunction blocking the law from taking effect, arguing the law violated the 14th amendment…

“The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the Status quo – not 2022 legislation on the books for nine weeks.”

Boom! Judge Sinatra (great name) issued an injunction blocking a part of the state’s latest gun control bill. He prohibited the state from banning residents from carrying a firearm into a house of worship.

Democrats claimed this gun control law would keep churches safe. Hardly. We all know that “gun free” zones are regular targets for criminals and would-be killers. They know law-abiding citizens are sitting ducks.

That’s what New York Democrats apparently wanted, by preventing law-abiding citizens from arming themselves within places of worship. It might sound odd that Americans have to conceal carry at church–but it’s much better than leaving them vulnerable to attack.

The gun control bill had numerous other restrictions, that are also being challenged. New York Democrats’ response to the Supreme Court ruling was to make it even harder for Americans to defend themselves.

Why are Democrats so hellbent on preventing Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights? We’re not talking about criminals, but law-abiding citizens with clean records, who only want to protect themselves.

Democrat gun control laws only rob Americans of this fundamental right. They’ve never prevented crimes from happening–in fact just the opposite.

Instead of admitting this, they keep pushing these radical laws.

Really makes you wonder what they are up to…

Key Takeaways:

  • A Trump-appointed federal judge overturned New York’s law banning firearms in houses of worship.
  • New York Democrats passed a new law banning firearms in nearly every public place.
  • The judge called the law unconstitutional, violating the 14th Amendment.

Source: Daily Caller