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Merrick Garland Loses It on Live TV – Watch What Happens When He’s Under Oath

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Recently, Republicans announced an impeachment probe against Joe Biden. The inquiry largely surrounds actions taken by Joe Biden while vice president, in the interests of his son’s businesses. For years, a special counsel has been investigating Hunter Biden and alleged tax crimes. Recently, he was charged with a few minor violations, his tax crimes seemingly ignored.

Attorney General Merrick Garland was brought before Congress to testify concerning this development. Many Americans and critics want answers as to why Hunter Biden seems to repeatedly get out of trouble. The head of the DOJ, who oversees the FBI as well, was forced to answer tough questions regarding Hunter Biden and his father. And it appears he fell flat.

From Trending Politics:

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland wilted under a series of questions during testimony before Congress where he deflected blame to U.S. Attorney David Weiss for slow walking the prosecution of Hunter Biden and repeatedly refused to say whether he has discussed the case with Weiss internally.

AG Garland appeared before Congress to answer questions related to the investigations of Hunter Biden. Although this man leads the Department of Justice, he appeared woefully unprepared for these questions–and seemingly crumbled while under scrutiny.

Garland struggled to answer a question by Rep. Dan Bishop regarding the statute of limitations on Hunter’s allegedly actions:

Garland appeared particularly flustered when Rep. Mike Johnson asked him if he had spoken to anyone with the FBI about the Hunter Biden investigation:


Garland claimed he had never spoken with anyone within the FBI regarding investigations into Hunter Biden’s actions. Rep. Johnson did not seem satisfied with that answer. As attorney general, Garland oversees both the DOJ and the FBI. Johnson appeared surprised that the head of the DOJ would have never spoken to anyone regarding an investigation of the president’s son.

The attorney general appeared nervous and hesitated to answer the question. Critics are already accusing him of lying before Congress.

Republicans might be mistrustful of this attorney general, given his history. When the FBI stormed Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago in August 2022, Garland initially claimed he had nothing to do with it. Only later did he admit that he authorized the raid.

Garland appeared shaken by the question. But it does not appear that he gave Republicans anything they could use against him or the administration.

Source: Trending Politics