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KJP Hit by Reporters with 1 Burning Question – Then She Gives Her Most Pathetic Answer Yet

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Within a day of Biden announcing new border wall plans, the media turned on the administration. Some Democrats are outraged that Biden would “go back” on his promise to never build more border wall.

Reports claim that internal struggles within the party are forcing the White House’s hand. Democrat mayors have been demanding Biden address the border crisis for years. With one year before the election, Biden can’t afford sagging poll numbers.

Reporters questioned the White House press secretary over the news. They pressed Jean-Pierre for answers to this sudden reversal of policy. This is how she answered them.

From The Post Millennial:
“We believe that there are better effective ways of moving forward to secure our border,” she said…

Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioned why Biden would agree to go along with the 2019 appropriation of funds for a wall after campaigning on the promise not to construct a single foot more.

“You want us to break the law?” Jean-Pierre replied, though she did not explain exactly which laws would be broken.

Reporters pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the news that the administration will resume building Trump’s border wall. Biden’s mouthpiece repeated a claim recently put out by the Department of Homeland Security’s Mayorkas.

Jean-Pierre claimed that the White House was “required by law” to use funds appropriated in 2019 for the border wall. She did not explain, however, why the Biden administration is only now deciding to use these funds–when Joe stopped the border wall project in January 2021.

When asked about that, KJP fired back “You want us to break the law?”

Critics will be merciless with this statement. Many have claimed Biden is actively violating numerous immigration laws. Biden has thus far neglected to secure the Southern border from over 3 million illegal crossers.

He has been busing migrants to various corners of the country. Recent news revealed he wants to give these migrants government-issued IDs. Since entering office, Biden has done the exact opposite of the Trump administration, in regards to immigration.

Some might ask why, now, is Biden finally not breaking the law.

Democrat mayors from large cities have been criticizing the administration for months. Cities like New York and Chicago are overwhelmed with tens of thousands of border crossers. They have filled hotels, parks, and other public spaces with migrants.

Border states have been overrun with hundreds of thousands of migrants, with small border communities in chaos.

Source: The Post Millennial