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After Supreme Court Shuts Down Biden – In the Dead of Night, Joe Tries to Sneak in Brand New Scheme

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The U.S. Supreme Court has been instrumental in opposing much of the Biden administration’s agenda. The conservative majority has upended long-endorsed policies by Democrats, including federalized abortion.

The highest court has also undermined Biden’s gun-control agenda, limiting how Democrat-run states can restrict gun ownership. Not long ago the court ruled that a plan to revoke billions of dollars in loans by the president was unconstitutional.

This plan was ridiculed by critics as a way of buying votes. The court decided Biden could not pass what amounted to a massive spending bill–without approval from Congress. Despite this massive blow, Biden is going ahead with a portion of his plan, anyway.

From The Post Millennial:
On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced that it had approved an additional $9 billion in student loan forgiveness. The money will help 125,000 Americans pay off debts they incurred while receiving post-secondary education.

The move comes as the pandemic-era pause on student loan payments comes to an end, forcing students to begin making payments.

It also follows the Supreme Court striking down a previous Biden-backed student loan forgiveness plan in June.

Despite the Supreme Court revoking Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, Biden announced $9 billion in loan forgiveness for 125,000 Americans. Those benefiting from this plan are those who received post-secondary education.

A part of the $9 billion will go to 22,000 borrowers who have disabilities. Another portion will go to 51,000 borrowers who made 20 years or more of payments but had never fully paid off their student loans.

Many have been critical of the student loan program. Nearly all student loans given out today are from the federal government. College graduates are burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in debt before entering the workforce.

Despite this, many were outraged when Biden promised to erase every American’s student loans. Many pointed out that working-class Americans, who never went to college, would be forced to pay off the loans of those who did.

The Supreme Court shut down the administration’s first attempt at wiping out student loans. They rebuked the administration for trying to spend an estimated $300 billion without congressional approval.

Source: The Post Millennial