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After Biden Is Slow to Evacuate Americans – Republican Leader Sprints to Their Rescue

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War in the Middle East has caused turmoil for people trying to escape the conflict. Resources to help people get out of Israel or neighboring countries are limited, especially with most airlines cutting off traffic to and from the area.

Americans trapped in the middle of the conflict have been scrambling to evacuate. One Republican leader has taken on the task of helping Americans and is heavily criticizing U.S. leaders. He posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, how he is reacting.

From Blaze Media:
“Since the Biden admin has failed to do their job once again, I’ve stepped in to rescue Americans stranded in war-torn Israel,” Mills stated. “While this admin has a record of leaving Americans behind, I refuse to be a part of their reckless inaction.”

The Biden administration did warn people to get out of Israel after airlines cut off traffic there. Still, Americans trapped in the area need safe passage and Mills has been praised for his immediate efforts to help. Reports are that Mills has been able to rescue 32 Americans while possibly hundreds more remain trapped.

A “Church Planter/Missionary/Pastor,” Todd Cox, praised Mills on X as a hero, saying he and others evacuated from Israel safely because of the congressman. GOP Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ) echoed that sentiment over Mills’ actions in getting several Arizona residents out of Israel.

“@RepMillsPress has been more effective than anyone in the Biden Administration in getting people home. He is a hero!” Biggs tweeted.

Almost two dozen Americans have been killed and 17 remain unaccounted for, according to the White House. Those numbers could go higher as more information comes in, according to the White House.

Hamas terrorists conducted a surprise invasion of Israel on Saturday and slaughtered civilians, including women and children. Israeli officials have said that that the terrorists bound, burned, and executed children. Many Israelis were kidnapped, and some reports have indicated that some have been shown being executed on video.

Mills is known for his previous rescue efforts where his group helped evacuate Americans from Afghanistan during the badly botched U.S. withdrawal from that country. He has openly criticized the Biden administration and continued with rescue efforts even, according to him, as the government worked against those efforts.

Source: Blaze Media