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After George Soros Exposed in Anti-Israel Scheme – Elon Musk Drops 4-Word Accusation on Him

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You might have heard the name George Soros before. He is a Hungarian billionaire who has frequently meddled in American politics.

The megadonor has bankrolled many Democrat campaigns. And he is behind radical left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter.

Most recently, it has come to light that his foundation donated to groups that are currently shocking Americans with their protests.

From Just the News:
Soros’ charitable giving to anti-Israel groups soared to national attention last week when two groups he previously funded—Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now—staged an unlawful protest inside the U.S. House of Representatives Cannon office building. JVP received at least $350,000 in OSF funding and has labeled Israel as an apartheid state and an occupier.

Democrat megadonor George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation” had donated to two anti-Israel groups that have been protesting since the October 7th attack. Both of these groups entered Congress’s Cannon building in an unlawful protest against Israel.

One of the groups received at least $350,000 from Soros’ organization. This comes after Soros funded the campaigns of radical DAs, who have supported policies that increased crime in blue cities.

Now, billionaire innovator Elon Musk is calling out Soros. And he is claiming this is why Soros funds such seemingly destructive causes.

From The Post Millennial:
Elon Musk said that billionaire Democrat donor George Soros “fundamentally hates humanity.”…

“He’s doing things that erode the fabric of civilization,” Musk elaborated…

“Now, George at this point is pretty old … he’s basically a bit senile at this point, but I mean, he’s very smart, and he’s very good at arbitrage.”

Businessman and X owner Elon Musk claimed that George Soros is contributing to various causes because he “fundamentally hates humanity.” Musk accused Soros of trying to “erode the fabric of civilization,” specifically citing Soros’ support of DAs who “refuse to prosecute crime.”

Musk accused the Hungarian businessman of being “a bit senile” but “very smart.” He also said Soros meddles in other countries in addition to the United States.

The X owner also explained that Soros doesn’t need to change laws to get his way. Instead, Soros has spent his efforts on changing “how they’re enforced.” Musk said that if nobody “chooses to enforce the law… it’s like changing the laws.”

Source: Just the NewsThe Post Millennial