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Something Fell Out Of Biden’s Pocket – As He Was Climbing Air Force One Steps, A White Paper Falls Out

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Boy, oh boy. Joe Biden can’t get a break.

Not that we’ll ever give him one. This is supposed to be the Leader of the Free World.

Yet he has trouble just getting basic tasks done.

Remember, not that long ago, when he fell down the steps to Air Force One? Not even the Secret Service ran to help him up.

It seems his luck with those steps hasn’t improved.

Eagle-eyed users noticed something when he was climbing the steps recently. What just fell out of Biden’s pocket?

From Twitter:

Something fell out of Biden while he was boarding Air Force One today

Um… what the heck was that?

Video reveals that as Biden was climbing the steps, something that looked like paper fell out of his pocket.

The video doesn’t show anyone running up to get it. Biden didn’t seem all that concerned.

But some viewers noticed that it couldn’t have been just a slip of paper, because it had some weight to it.

Uh, Joe? Are you even paying attention?

Something, perhaps important, fell out of your pocket? You’re not going to stop and pick it u—no, he’s not going to stop and pick it up.

What could it have been? Just a package of tissues or hand wipes? Maybe a bundle of facemasks (though we know Joe likes ‘em black).

Knowing Joe, it was probably the codes to the nuclear football. Now some idiot on eBay has them!

Joe recently announced something unintelligible that sounded like, “My butt’s been wiped!” So… um… maybe this sheds some light on the video?

Chances are, it was something totally unimportant. But this secretive and untransparent administration won’t tell us, regardless.

They are so scared of making Biden look bad, they will not even acknowledge it (not that Jen Psaki’s been around lately).

Key Takeaways:

  • Video catches Joe Biden dropping something as he climbed Air Force One.
  • Although resembling a paper, the object has some weight to it.
  • Biden does not seem to notice that he dropped this item.

Source: Twitter