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Joe Biden’s DOJ Deals Blow To Trump, Says IRS Must Give Trump’s Tax Returns To Congress

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The Department of Justice just issued a ruling that directs the IRS to give former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the Dem controlled House Ways and Means Committee.

The committee asked for the documents over two years ago and Trump has been fighting ever since. The DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel is now saying said the committee showed “sufficient reasons” to ask for a review of the former president’s taxes.

“The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has invoked sufficient reasons for requesting the former President’s tax information,” Dawn Johnsen, acting assistant attorney general wrote in an opinion. “Under section 6103(f)(1), Treasury must furnish the information to the Committee.”

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., said: 

“As I have maintained for years, the Committee’s case is very strong and the law is on our side. I am glad that the Department of Justice agrees and that we can move forward.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said:

“Access to former President Trump’s tax returns is a matter of national security. The American people deserve to know the facts of his conflicts of interest and undermining of our security and democracy as president.”

Pelosi gives up the game a bit here. She said, “The American people deserve to know.” Is she planning to leak parts of the returns if they make Trump look bad? Leaking these may be illegal so the Dems better be careful.

Remember, New York prosecutors got Trump’s tax returns a long time ago and he hasn’t been charged. 

Pelosi added: “The Biden Admin has delivered a victory for the rule of law as it respects the public interest by complying w/ Chairman Neal’s request for Donald Trump’s tax returns.

“I applaud Chairman Neal for his dignified pursuit of the truth & the Biden Admin DOJ for its respect for the law.”