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Report: Nancy Pelosi Is Racing For The Exits – Sources Claim She’s “Strongly Considering” Not Running Again

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We all knew Pelosi was facing a dim future. And now, the rumor mills are firing up.

Democrats only have a year to ram their agenda through. Why? Because come 2022, they could lose their majority.

That could explain why Pelosi has been totally unwilling to compromise. Or why she seems hellbent on pushing a vendetta against Republicans—or anyone who opposes her.

The woman could be trying to solidify her legacy as Speaker—but time might be running out.

Because sources are saying she is racing for the exits. She could be gone soon.

From Breitbart:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is reportedly eyeing the exits as House Speaker amid bleak 2022 midterm election forecasts for Democrats.

“@CaliforniaGlobe is now hearing rumors @SpeakerPelosi is strongly considering not running for re-election. ‘No desire to serve in minority’; sources say this explains push for infrastructure deal to be completed during what may be her 18th and final term,” California Globe tweeted Tuesday on the announcement by Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) he will resign in a red district.

More and more evidence mounts that Republicans will retake the House in 2022.

Only five seats separate them from a big red wave. If that happens, Pelosi will (once again) lose her speakership.

Not willing to be on the outside looking in, she is reportedly mulling no running for re-election.

How ironic. She has harassed and bullied Republicans for years because they are in the minority.

But, when faced with the prospect of being in the minority herself, she is unwilling to live with it.

She would rather ditch the House and no run again, than face the retribution of Kevin McCarthy and Republicans in power.

How pathetic.

If Pelosi announces her retirement from the House, her seat will be up for grabs. For years, we’ve seen far-left progressives gun for her job.

The San Francisco-based seat could end up in the hands of a politician worse than NY’s AOC.

Or it could end up in the hands of a Republican. Hey, stranger things have happened.

What this really tells us is that Pelosi is running out of steam. And if she really means to end her career on the note she’s been playing lately, it will be very sad.

Instead of being a bridge-builder, she will be remembered as being a bridge-burner.

Source: Breitbart