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Hillary Blindsided By 3 Brutal Words On The Way To Her Comeback Speech – She’s Humiliated

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John Durham exposed old Hillary with a new court filing. The documents may have landed Clinton in hot water, and she is steaming mad over it.

If I were Hillary, I’d be lying low for now. But this power-hungry shrew still thinks she can get on the 2024 docket. She appeared in New York to give a “comeback” speech. The entire event did not go over well. What happened outside should have been a hint.

From Twitter:

Hillary Clinton greeted by “Lock her up” chants as she arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in NYC today

The miserable washed-up candidate traveled to New York (from Transylvania, we assume) to give a speech to the real deplorables: New York City Democrats. Yet before she was able to enter the ritzy hotel full of elitists, she was barraged by protestors chanting the common refrain: “Lock her up.”

That didn’t seem to sit well for Clinton, whose speech was marred by empty claims, threats, and poor attempts to deflect from her recent charges. Clinton and her closest allies could face indictments over Durham’s latest filings. But instead of copping to the truth, she sounds more like a dictator whose mansion is burning to the ground.

Trump always said Clinton would face the music for what she did. Maybe Clinton assumed she was safe after the 2020 Election. But it seems justice doesn’t sleep. It may move slowly, but it is homing in on this crooked politician.

Even if Clinton manages to dodge an indictment, her political future is done for. There is no way Democrats will want her to launch another presidential bid. They might have thought she’d be a good Biden replacement. But after Durham’s latest move? No Democrat strategist will touch her with a ten-foot pole.

She knows this. And it must be eating her alive.

Source: Twitter